Women Working Together: Support or Sabotage?


This workshop is designed for leaders in organizations who want to maximize the productivity of the women in their organizations. While many women (both leaders and team members) use collaboration and participative behaviors to create high performing teams, Kari Uman presents new research that shines a light on some of the unspoken and unacknowledged ways that women can sabotage each other by using passive-aggressive behaviors, covert competition, and power grabs. These behaviors are destructive to other women, their teams and their organizations and may be one of the reasons why women in the pipeline for leadership positions are leaving their organizations. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to explore their role in shaping their workforce and what they can do as models, mentors and leaders in establishing norms, holding people accountable for destructive behavior and developing an environment conducive to maximizing everyone’s performance and productivity.


This workshop is designed to:

  • identify the ways women in organizations support and/or sabotage each other,
  • make recommendations for how to maximize constructive behavior among women; and
  • provide participants the opportunity to develop action plans that they can implement in their roles as leaders in organizations to increase support and ameliorate sabotage.


Participants will assess their own behaviors, engage in large and small group discussions and develop action plans.


Kari Uman, Senior Associate of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates, is an expert on the dynamics between women who work together. She has had over 30 years of experience helping women identify and change behaviors that are sabotaging their best efforts and learn new ones to ensure their success.


Two-hours or half-day format.