The Five Pillars of Leadership Program


The key to a quality organization is quality people. To improve the quality and performance of an organization you must attend to the people who create it. It makes little sense to tinker with refining the structure, systems and processes of an organization unless you first work to improve the quality and performance of those who lead it. The Five Pillars of Leadership program is designed to lift executive and upper-middle managers to new heights of performance and results. The Five Pillars program explores and examines fundamental as well as breakthrough concepts in leadership practices. Focusing on the personal as well as the skill sides of leadership, it offers executives an unparalleled opportunity to deepen their understanding of the interdependence among leadership, personal performance, and organizational results. The program enables participants to intentionally manage, to a higher, more productive level, their own performance and effectiveness within their organization.


To develop leaders who:

  • Understand how unconscious, self-limiting patterns of thinking and behavior limit their ability to be powerful contributors and assets to their organizations
  • Are better able to say what needs saying, take risks, and make tough choices
  • Can effectively navigate through times of continuous or extreme change and uncertainty and maintain their focus
  • Can see new possibilities in old problems and issues
  • Can foster high performance teams
  • Guide by a deeper sense of values and principles
  • Are leaders people want to follow


The basic approach to learning in this workshop is exploration and discovery, individually and in small groups. The workshop uses a variety of learning technologies, including short presentations, experiential activities to examine concepts, group discussion, personal reflection, video, and a manual. State-of-the-art leadership assessment technology is used to provide participants with feedback on their leadership styles and/or skills. During the final session, participants will bring together their insights and learning and formulate a specific Application Plan to put into action in their workplace(s).


David Lassiter is the director and founder of Leadership Advantage, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping executives, teams, and organizations achieve their objectives. David has over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach and designer and developer of executive, team, and organizational development programs for profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations. He is a pioneer in the use of 360 degree assessment for leadership development and the innovator of the Strategic Team Alignment process for maximizing team members’ growth, development, and performance.


There are five, all-day sessions to this program, including one in which you will receive 360 degree feedback on your leadership effectiveness. 5 – 14 participants per workshop.