The Strategic Team Alignment Program

PURPOSE: This workshop is designed to develop a high-performance leadership team which is the spearhead of an organization. The workshop provides the knowledge, structure, tools, and processes … [Read more...]

The Strategic Leadership Alignment Program

PURPOSE: To transform a leadership team's ability to think, act, and work individually and collectively to achieve significantly increased performance, results, and satisfaction. The Strategic … [Read more...]

The Five Pillars of Leadership Program

PURPOSE: The key to a quality organization is quality people. To improve the quality and performance of an organization you must attend to the people who create it. It makes little sense to tinker … [Read more...]

2009 Leadership Development and Coaching Program

Module #1: Fundamental principles of leadership Mindfulness & active listening Introduction to coaching for managers Module #2: Coaching "The Art of Possibility" Asking open … [Read more...]

Workload Management/Personal Efficiency

We have over ten years experience using the highly successful Personal Efficiency Program model in coaching individual executives, small work teams or whole organizations in improving their skills and … [Read more...]