Process Improvement for Knowledge Workers

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Doing Good Incrementally

by Ira Chaleff Executive Excellence - May 2000 Recently, a group of management consultants and writers got together to discuss how their work was helping companies and the world. Most felt very … [Read more...]

Change Management Training for Managers

PURPOSE: The workshop's purpose is to provide managers with the framework, knowledge, and tools needed to successfully pilot and manage their teams through periods of change. The workshop may be … [Read more...]

Organization and Team Performance

Our organization development services are tailored to fit the client’s needs. The services can include a combination of any of the following: Assessment: Confidential interviews of individual … [Read more...]

Abusive Management – Creates Potential Lawsuits

by Kari Uman August, 1998 The Supreme Court, in a recent ruling, raised the stakes for organizational liability caused by sexual harassment. Predictably, the talk shows and news shows are buzzing … [Read more...]

Transition Support

Transitions are opportunities for great strides forward but also pose significant dangers. Transitions can include a new management team taking over an organization or division, or an existing … [Read more...]

Workload Management/Personal Efficiency

We have over ten years experience using the highly successful Personal Efficiency Program model in coaching individual executives, small work teams or whole organizations in improving their skills and … [Read more...]

Preventing Organizational Liability for Management Behavoir

Specifically targeted executive coaching to prevent and eliminate the risk of legal exposure and organizational liability, with particular emphasis on sexual harassment. Addresses all forms of … [Read more...]

Case History: Gender and Management Style Issue

ISSUE: A strong female performer took on new responsibilities that overwhelmed her and exacerbated her tendency to alienate her direct reports and others with whom she closely worked. Communication … [Read more...]