Articles For and About Women at Work

Lessons I’ve Learned Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Use honey, not Vinegar: A Sense of Humor Can Serve You Well You know the old expression "You can catch more flies with … [Read more...]

Revitalize Your Organization

by Ira Chaleff Executive Excellence February 1998 If your organization is missing a high-spiritedness or is rife with discord and anxiety and you want to turn this around, read on. In working … [Read more...]

Leadership: Facing Moral and Ethical Dilemmas

Published in Leadership Advantage Newsletter, Vol. IV Number 4 We need a Nobel Prize in business, awarded to organizations that demonstrate how business effectiveness (meaning survival, market … [Read more...]

The Strategic Team Alignment Program

PURPOSE: This workshop is designed to develop a high-performance leadership team which is the spearhead of an organization. The workshop provides the knowledge, structure, tools, and processes … [Read more...]

The Five Pillars of Leadership Program

PURPOSE: The key to a quality organization is quality people. To improve the quality and performance of an organization you must attend to the people who create it. It makes little sense to tinker … [Read more...]

2009 Leadership Development and Coaching Program

Module #1: Fundamental principles of leadership Mindfulness & active listening Introduction to coaching for managers Module #2: Coaching "The Art of Possibility" Asking open … [Read more...]

Leadership in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

Our services are tailored to the needs of the organization and may address a combination of the following: Change Management Mission clarification Values clarification Identification of … [Read more...]

Case History: Strategic Leadership

ISSUE: Senior executive is overly involved in tactical initiatives and not getting traction on strategic issues. INDUSTRY: Health Care - regional system SIZE: 15,000 … [Read more...]

Case History: Leadership Development, Athlete to Executive

ISSUE: After suffering a career halting injury, a former professional athlete was hired to manage a staff of six in a small department within a financial services firm. Although he is a quick … [Read more...]