Process Improvement for Knowledge Workers

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Be Very Careful How You Use Measurements

by Ira Chaleff Executive Excellence - September 2000 There is a disturbing trend in companies and government agencies. Increasingly, key statistics are manipulated and used to drive up the price of … [Read more...]

Revitalize Your Organization

by Ira Chaleff Executive Excellence February 1998 If your organization is missing a high-spiritedness or is rife with discord and anxiety and you want to turn this around, read on. In working … [Read more...]

Doing Good Incrementally

by Ira Chaleff Executive Excellence - May 2000 Recently, a group of management consultants and writers got together to discuss how their work was helping companies and the world. Most felt very … [Read more...]

Full Participation Requires Courageous Followership

by Ira Chaleff The Journal for Quality and Participation January 1998 A company chartered to provide insurance to physicians had a new president and CEO. He was energetic, bright, respectful of … [Read more...]

Follow the Leader

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Courageous Followers, Courageous Leaders

NEW RELATIONSHIPS FOR LEARNING AND PERFORMANCE - Ideas for Leaders December 2001 by IRA CHALEFF How many times have you worked in an organization in which bright, mid-level managers were … [Read more...]

Personal Efficiency Programs (PEP)

PURPOSE: To help white collar professionals develop the routines and systems needed to stay on top of their daunting workloads. To help them achieve a degree of personal organization that is required … [Read more...]

Building Organizational Excellence Through Leader-Follower Collaboration

PURPOSE: This workshop is designed to examine the relationship of leaders and followers through the other end of the telescope. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that leaders need to surround … [Read more...]

The Leader – Follower Partnership: It’s a New Day

"Leaders rarely use their power wisely or effectively over long periods unless they are supported by followers who have the stature to help them do so." ~ Ira Chaleff, The Courageous Follower, … [Read more...]