OrganizeYour Work Space for How You Work

by Emily Barnes A well-organized office is one that not only looks good but is functional too. It is organized to match how you work, live, and travel - not how someone else does. The basic rule … [Read more...]

How to Outwit E-Junk Thugs

by Emily Barnes As long as you are a participating member of an electronic mail service, you are going to get it. Unless you have a team of highly aggressive e-cops patrolling your e-premises and … [Read more...]

Four Steps to Better Managing Your To-Do List

By Emily Barnes Raise your hand if The List (your to-do list) is as long as your arm! If you add more to-do's in a day than you check off in a day, you might be a bona fide Monkey Farmer. I'd bet … [Read more...]

Designing Your Resume for Justin Thyme

by Emily Barnes Your telephone rings and you answer it. The caller is Justin Thyme, a long-time recruiter extraordinaire. She's been an excellent resource for you throughout your career and is … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Use Executive Coaching

by Emily Barnes Executive coaching is one of the latest status symbols to make the rounds in corporate America. Like the Palm Pilot, it is yet another cutting edge development designed to ease the … [Read more...]

Emily Barnes

"Executive Coach" Senior Associate Coaching High Performers to Better Results To organizations and individuals adjusting to recent, current or anticipated change, Emily Barnes brings the strategic … [Read more...]