Case History: Business Etiquette Grooming

ISSUE: A senior manager observed undesirable behaviors in a talented, newly promoted IT manager. She realized the need for action after overhearing conversations among the new manager's peers about … [Read more...]

Case History: Strategic Leadership

ISSUE: Senior executive is overly involved in tactical initiatives and not getting traction on strategic issues. INDUSTRY: Health Care - regional system SIZE: 15,000 … [Read more...]

Case History: Team Building for an Organizational Change Effort

ISSUE: The division is undergoing a mandatory restructuring and decentralization, anticipating personnel growth of ten-fold in the next 12-18 months. The senior team wants to meet the challenge by … [Read more...]

Case History: Merging Senior Managers from Different Cultures

ISSUE: This prominent university had merged two of its computing arms, that had distinctly different cultures, under a new CIO. The CIO realized that the cultural differences, exacerbated by … [Read more...]

Case History: Leadership Development, Athlete to Executive

ISSUE: After suffering a career halting injury, a former professional athlete was hired to manage a staff of six in a small department within a financial services firm. Although he is a quick … [Read more...]

Case History: Job Promotion, Support Staff to Manager

ISSUE: A senior executive had recently promoted a staff member who had demonstrated excellent abilities in assuming leadership responsibilities during several difficult information technology … [Read more...]

Case History: Interpersonal Conflict

ISSUE: Communication had severely broken down between a male Caucasian administrator and a female African-American administrator who reported to him. Both were extremely hard workers and valuable … [Read more...]

Case History: Gender and Management Style Issue

ISSUE: A strong female performer took on new responsibilities that overwhelmed her and exacerbated her tendency to alienate her direct reports and others with whom she closely worked. Communication … [Read more...]

Case History: Career Transition

ISSUE: For twenty-five years this journalist had been employed by a national newspaper organization and had gained popularity through a commentary published weekly by the paper. At the end of such … [Read more...]