Case History: Strategic Leadership


Senior executive is overly involved in tactical initiatives and not getting traction on strategic issues.


Health Care – regional system


15,000 Employees


Senior Executive


Executive coaching with client to identify what is internally and externally contributing to the tactical orientation and begin shifting to a more strategic focus. Extensive use of 360° and interview based feedback to pinpoints causes and provides the basis for creation of a clear change plan. Implementation of the plan was monitored by the coach who insured ongoing feedback and reinforcement of practices leading to a more strategic focus.


Client has learned how practices that made her successful earlier in her career are inhibiting her current success. Newly identified behaviors, reinforced through feedback and coaching, are replacing older, less productive habits. She is sorting out the strategic from the tactical and delegating most of the latter to her direct reports. Increased awareness and self-management of these behaviors have allowed her to focus more on strategic issues. Simultaneously, this process has created the opportunity for increased empowerment and development of the next level of management.