Personal Efficiency Programs (PEP)


To help white collar professionals develop the routines and systems needed to stay on top of their daunting workloads. To help them achieve a degree of personal organization that is required to process their work efficiently and permit them to maintain a healthy degree of work-life balance.


These programs are designed to:

  • identify and practice information age best work practices
  • eliminate backlogs and clutter that impede productivity and increase stress
  • minimize reliance on paper based information and maximize the efficient storage and retrieval of high-value information
  • optimize the organization of electronic based information to make it readily accessible when needed
  • maximize the use of electronic productivity tools for managing large volumes of e-mail, tasks and meetings
  • utilize the power of streamlined planning tools to improve the implementation of complex or time sensitive initiatives.
  • facilitate team based agreements for minimizing interruptions and maximizing collaboration across work groups
  • put in place systems for routinely maintaining a high degree or lean and efficient personal organization.


These unique programs combine seminars and individual coaching with group facilitation as needed. All programs are conducted at the client’s worksite to enable immediate application to their personal offices and electronic working environments. They typically are conducted over three days spaced several weeks apart to allow participants to fully integrate new systems and routines into their work practices. This ensures a high degree of sustainable success.

Programs can be conducted in a wide range of modes including:

  • individual executive coaching
  • small intact work teams
  • open enrollment within a company
  • cascading and train-the-trainer
  • self-study supplemental modules

PEP Programs can be linked to other initiatives such as corporate moves, alternative work environments, leaning organizational processes, work-life balance initiatives, etc.


Ira Chaleff and Emily Barnes are fully certified PEP trainers and coaches. In addition, they have access to other certified trainers and coaches around the globe and can help design large national and international roll-outs.


Variable. Typically two to four days spread over several months.