Organization and Team Performance

Our organization development services are tailored to fit the client’s needs. The services can include a combination of any of the following:


  • Confidential interviews of individual members of management team
  • Confidential interviews with board directors, customers or members, subordinates and others with an interest in the outcome of the process
  • Work climate survey instrument development and benchmarking
  • Observation and analysis of key communications and operational processes
  • Evaluation of management team cohesiveness and conflict management style
  • Evaluation of management team problem solving and decision making style
  • Evaluation of environmental scanning, information distribution and interpretation processes
  • Identification of distinctive competencies and competitive advantages
  • Evaluation of robustness of strategic thinking and communication
  • Written and oral reports on strengths and weaknesses of organization and identification of mission-critical issues


    • Design and implementation of processes to address critical issues
    • Management team briefings
    • Team skills building workshops
    • Organization-wide communication processes
    • Staff morale programs
    • Senior team-building retreats:
  • Visioning ideal futures
  • Values clarification
  • Trust development and repair
  • Work group climate improvement
  • Strategic conversations facilitation
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Action planning
  • Ongoing team observation, implementation support and coaching