Change Management Training for Managers


The workshop’s purpose is to provide managers with the framework, knowledge, and tools needed to successfully pilot and manage their teams through periods of change. The workshop may be utilized by managers at any level of an organization. Participants may be individuals, a team, or both. The workshop is highly effective at times of management transition, when change at the senior leadership level is causing increasing uncertainty, confusion, immobilization, and anxiety across the organization.


Managers will have:

  • A clear framework for understanding the change process,
  • Knowledge of how change works at the individual and team levels,
  • Understanding of the emotional impact of change on performance and how to manage it productively,
  • Ability to minimize the distress and disruptions caused by change,
  • Ability to coach associates through confusion, uncertainty, and stress,
  • Checklists to maintain focus on customers and the business, and
  • The ability to build support for change


Managers will participate in activities and discussions that expand their understanding of how change works at the cognitive and emotional levels and practice techniques designed to teach them to manage change productively. This workshop employs presentations, case studies, role-play, and group discussion around real-time business issues, which allow for the application of the contextual framework and practical techniques. Participants will complete an action plan for the application of their new knowledge and employment of the learned techniques.


David Lassiter is the director and founder of Leadership Advantage, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping executives, teams, and organizations achieve their objectives. David has over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach and designer and developer of executive, team, and organizational development programs for profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations. He is a pioneer in the use of 360 degree assessment for leadership development and the innovator of the Strategic Team Alignment process for maximizing team members’ growth, development, and performance.


Four hours or half-day formats.