Case History: Leadership Development, Athlete to Executive


After suffering a career halting injury, a former professional athlete was hired to manage a staff of six in a small department within a financial services firm. Although he is a quick study, and extremely disciplined in his work, he was having difficulty feeling comfortable in his role, communicating his vision, establishing staff routines and procedures, and generally asserting himself as a leader in that environment.




Mid-sized Business


New Senior Manager


We focused the work on two issues: leadership development and employee performance/management. In addition, we agreed to integrate practices related to maximizing productivity and minimizing stress for long-term success.


Several years later, the client is still performing confidently and successfully after only a few months of coaching. In his quest for continuous improvement, he periodically identifies opportunities for further development and returns for additional coaching. He has proven to be a wise investment for his company, maintaining high retention among a loyal staff and a department frequently cited for performance excellence.