Case History: Job Promotion, Support Staff to Manager


A senior executive had recently promoted a staff member who had demonstrated excellent abilities in assuming leadership responsibilities during several difficult information technology restructuring efforts. However, she believed that the staff member lacked certain key attributes that would help him to succeed as a manager. She believed that his authority would be challenged and that his presentation style would undermine his efforts.


Global Consulting Organization


Regional Division


Newly Promoted Manager


Candid dialogue between the senior manager and the coach revealed that although the staff person’s technical background served him well, he would benefit greatly from strenghtening his interpersonal and presentation skills and developing an effective management style. The coach and the client focused their efforts in three skills categories: communication, internal/external client relations, and presence/presentation. They identified desired outcomes in each category. The coach used live-action coaching, videotaping, situational role play, wardrobe counseling, shopping trips, dining workshops, reading material, and customized as-needed seminars to introduce, model, stamp, and reinforce desirable behavioral changes. Throughout the process, outcomes were measured by the client’s self-evaluation, scheduled feedback sessions involving the senior manager, peers, as well as the coach’s ongoing evaluation.


More rewarding than the senior manager’s satisfaction with the results is the client’s increased self-confidence and pride. He speaks with greater authority, better articulates his thoughts, recommendations, and action plans. He now dresses appropriately and apparently enjoys knowing inside secrets about selecting the best styles for his body type. Although our initial plans did not include work efficiency coaching, the client requested and received training to improve his productivity. Feedback from his senior manager more than a year later is positive and includes reference to another promotion the client received since concluding the coaching.