Emily Barnes

“Executive Coach” Senior Associate
Coaching High Performers to Better Results

To organizations and individuals adjusting to recent, current or anticipated change, Emily Barnes brings the strategic focus and competencies gained during fifteen years of diverse experience with various leadership, relationship, performance and communication challenges. A consultant and strategy coach, Ms. Barnes helps clients create and implement new success strategies. She coaches diverse professionals to align their individual achievements to organizational goals, identify critical success factors for both, and streamline essential job functions. Her experience with work and people management issues common to professionals in positions of authority informs her skill in helping others navigate leadership, relationship, performance and communication challenges inherent in their roles. Ms. Barnes serves public and private sector clients facing short-term, troublesome problems as well as threats to their long-term success.As one executive stated, Emily Barnes is the empathic listener, sounding board, interpreter, and strategist wanted in tight situations.

The project summaries below provide a snapshot of Ms. Barnes’ work in these areas.

Government Agencies

  • Small Business Administration. Targeted assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs guided the planning, development and implementation of business start-up seminars.
  • The World Bank. Conducted personal efficiency programs throughout agency. Measurably improved productivity among several teams by aligning work habits and systems to role expectations.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture. Coached team of research scientists to improved performance in work management, leadership, and communication.
  • U.S. Department of State. Coached information technology manager and core team to integrated performance and improved productivity resulting in faster turnaround times for customer service requests.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Led the installation of work organization processes for legal team members who reported improved performance and less stress.
  • U.S. House of Representatives. Coached several representatives’ staff members to improved work management and personal efficiency.

Global Organizations

  • A team consulting effort focused on relationship management strategies designed to redefine, support, and strengthen leader-follower relationships.
  • Interpersonal communication vital to team-based projects created problems for managers during collaborative efforts. One-on-one coaching closed the gap between performance expectations and skills.

Media Organizations

  • Guided highly successful managers and support staff of international newspaper to analyze and improve team performance following restructuring.
  • Strategist and sounding board for senior staff member of national news staff resulted in decision making clarity and improbable success regarding career-threatening issues.


  • New self-management and relationship management strategies along with no-lose problem solving resulted in better relations and outstanding performance among team members previously experiencing personality conflicts at a top ten university.
  • Negative performance ratings in certain communities required strategic planning, program development, and implementation of diverse projects for medium-sized bank.


  • Increased lagging productivity among core training staff for national association serving senior citizens after a restructuring of departmental roles and positions.
  • Restructuring plus results from 360 assessments informed the team coaching strategy to prepare managers of national credit union association for expanding leadership roles.
  • Coordinated the planning, development and implementation of leadership programs for thirty-six high performing professionals in seven states.


Advisor – Council for the Advancement of Small Business, a George Washington University program which prepares MBA students for business management.

Consultant and Coach – Executive Coaching and Consulting Associates, a consortium of highly effective executive coaches and consultants who collaborate to meet the developmental needs of senior executives and their management teams.

Productivity Coach and Trainer – Institute for Business Technology, proprietary owner of Personal Efficiency Programs (PEP), training executives, managers and staff in eighteen countries to work smarter.

Education and Training

The George Washington University, Washington, DC.
B.A., International Affairs, concentration in Psychology. 1988.

Effectiveness Training Institute, Solano Beach, CA.
Completed experiential coursework, Effective Communications – 1995.

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