The Coaching Process

Coaching is used to support the development of current and future organization managers and executives. It is an individually customized process that seeks to raise the executive’s awareness of the … [Read more...]

Process Improvement for Knowledge Workers

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OrganizeYour Work Space for How You Work

by Emily Barnes A well-organized office is one that not only looks good but is functional too. It is organized to match how you work, live, and travel - not how someone else does. The basic rule … [Read more...]

How to Outwit E-Junk Thugs

by Emily Barnes As long as you are a participating member of an electronic mail service, you are going to get it. Unless you have a team of highly aggressive e-cops patrolling your e-premises and … [Read more...]

Four Steps to Better Managing Your To-Do List

By Emily Barnes Raise your hand if The List (your to-do list) is as long as your arm! If you add more to-do's in a day than you check off in a day, you might be a bona fide Monkey Farmer. I'd bet … [Read more...]

Men Managing “Mean Girls”

Understanding Their Dynamics to Achieve Greater Results in Your Organization by Kari Uman The recently released movie, "Mean Girls" examines the relationships between high school girls and the … [Read more...]

Women to Women Relationships

Destructive Dynamics That Can Impact Teams Many women bring to office relationships a sensitivity that enhances teamwork. A few who don't bring that kind of sensitivity seem to create endless … [Read more...]

New Women Managers

Communication Strategies that Promote Success by Kari F. Uman, M.Ed., President, Uman Resources Associates, Inc. Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce NewsletterWomen who are new to management … [Read more...]

Articles For and About Women at Work

Lessons I’ve Learned Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Use honey, not Vinegar: A Sense of Humor Can Serve You Well You know the old expression "You can catch more flies with … [Read more...]

Cross-Gender Communication Differences

Understanding Them Can Help You Be More Effective Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Women approach sharing information, listening, making decisions, and handling conflicts and … [Read more...]