Case History: Career Transition


For twenty-five years this journalist had been employed by a national newspaper organization and had gained popularity through a commentary published weekly by the paper. At the end of such a stellar career, the question was “What Next?” With just a few months to decide on the next move, the challenge was finding something that created a match between skills, interests, and available positions for a retiring journalist.







Starting with an idea on a paper napkin, we crafted a strategy for creating the ideal job that served to meet the client’s personal and professional needs. Through exercises, consultations, research, discussions with colleagues, and sessions with a selected team of advisors, we created a job that not only served the client’s needs but also served an important unmet need of her employer.


Although her job has changed significantly, the client remains with her employer. For the last four years, she has developed a highly productive nonprofit organization that provides hands-on assistance to aspiring to young journalists in high schools and colleges. From the beginning her employer embraced the project and supplied funding to it because of the substantial value it brings to the company, especially by raising its profile as an outstanding corporate citizen.